May 18, 2020


We love music. We love Love Never Dies. And we've spent these past years browsing for performances from different singers, actors and performers around the world. There's something quite magical about listening to your favourite songs performed by an artist you never heard before; you feel there's something slightly different about it, something way more personal. That is why we love finding new versions of songs we are overly familiar with. You get to experience that very same song for the very first time and get astonished by the way every performer makes that song their own, how they perform every note, every emotion in a different, unique way. We had this thought in our minds often, and wondered if we should gather them all together so people could get that astounding experience and enjoy them the way we do... and the answer was a heartfelt YES!

We joined Spotify! You can find us by searching "Love Never Dies News" (or by following this link over here). These lists will be updated with new finds, and this little project of ours will keep growing as artists keep sharing their work! If you're an artist and you have your own Love Never Dies track, please do share: we'd love you to be part of it!

Our channel right now includes playlists with hours of Till I Hear You Sing, Love Never Dies, Look With Your Heart, Once Upon Another Time & Beneath a Moonless Sky, and we also wanted a place for these lovely songs as Orchestrations and accompaniments, and a favourite of us we'd love to see grow over the years: Non-English tracks with performers from over the world!

Join us! (We'd love to find you there!)