April 28, 2020


Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Shows Must Go On streamed 'Love Never Dies' this past weekend. For 48 hours, Phans around the world experienced going to the theatre from their homes and enjoyed the lovely Australian filmed staged production featuring Ben Lewis and Anna O'Byrne perform The Phantom of the Opera's sequel.

We live-tweeted during the full streaming and joined some Phans by sharing our favourite scenes, lyrics and behind the scenes (and trivia, we love trivia!). Our Twitter was on fire during the evening, and we received and read some lovely comments about Love Never Dies that we think should be shared and read, so here we go! Spreading some Love Never Dies love to the world!

"My love for LND started when I got the london cast recording as an early birthday gift. I was still in school so I couldn't afford to go to London to see the show live. Finally once the US tour was announced my mother surprised me with tickets to the first show in Utica NY. I will love the show forever! Plus I got to talk to some of the cast through Instagram and they all were so kind answering my questions. If I could thank everyone for the gift of continuing the Phantom’s story I would." by Desirae Jenks

"I thought the show was a magical delight. The music was beautiful and the cast was superb. This show deserves it due on Broadway. I will never stop loving this show. Team Mr Y!" by Wicked74303

"Love never dies is a spectacular production dark and twisted. I absolutely adore the set, lighting, and costume design. The musical score is brilliant, I melt every time I listen to it! I am fascinated with this musical! I am excited and can't wait to watch it for the first time live in Manchester this year!" by Patricia

"We saw it in the West End with Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess (I don’t think they’d played Phantom and Christine, at that point), they were phenomenal together! Their chemistry was palpable. I think the ending was perfect and very plausible. I really like what the Australian company did with it. Anna O’Byrne and Ben Lewis play a more sophisticated Christine and Phantom, as they would, reflecting the ten years later which the show is meant to represent. There are some terrific new songs, “Till I Hear You Sing” for example, is heartbreaking. The title song is stunning too." by Gail Young

"I fell in love with this show about 8 years ago when I was 8 so it is literally my childhood the musical is just phenomenal and brings back memories and all. I have a lot of words to say when describing LND and POTO but also none to describe how I feel."

"The Phantom of the Opera and its music will always feel like home to me. Thought, it was because of my childhood and the popularity at this time (the music of the night was my lullaby… and even nowadays I get so calm and peaceful, listening to it), it turns out that also Love Never Dies & its music touches all of my heart. I can't help it, but all this is my first & true love in life…" by Hannah

"It’s not just the musical that brings us together but it’s the Phandom/Fandom. We are still years after our respective tours a fan phanmily that still embraces both musicals and remembers the good times. It’s the phans and the people that make LND so special." by Jane Willer

"The Phantom of the Opera & Love Never Dies llegaron a mi vida para cambiarla por completo, la historia, los vestuarios, las canciones y la excelente comunidad de Phans hacen que la Música de la Noche continúe viva en mí. Cuando conocí el musical pensé que perdería el espíritu al poco tiempo, pero 5 años después sigo admirando las diversas producciones con bastante emoción, como si fuera la primera vez que las veo & a los diversos talentos admirándolos e inspirándome en su gran trabajo. ¡Gracias Phantom!" by Katia Galilea

"Me encanta acá en Argentina… se estrenó en cine fui a verla con mi madre somos locos de los musicales...y este es maravilloso." by Sergio Silva

"Mucho te tiene que gustar El Fantasma de la Ópera para comprarte el DVD sin haber visto de qué va a ir este segundo capítulo de la historia. Y no puedo estar más contento de la compra. Mis ojos parecían las Cataratas de Iguazú, de lo que me hizo llorar la trama. Canciones como 'Til I Hear You Sing, Beneath a Moonless Sky, Love With Your Heart & Love Never Dies forman parte de la historia de los musicales, y los últimos 15 minutos son mágicos. Si pudiera hacerle una pregunta al Sr. Lloyd Webber, sería (y como creo que todos hemos visto ya el musical, no creo contar ningún spoiler)... ¿Qué mal le ha hecho el Fantasma para hacerle sufrir tanto?" by David Barrachina

Thank you all for these warm words about Love Never Dies and thank you for sharing your lovely memories about the show. Read more heartfelt comments on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages!