June 26, 2020


Earlier in the year, Love Never Dies turned ten. Ten years since the show premiered in the West End! Following the date, now it's our turn... We're turning ten! We've been sharing news, generating content and creating this friendly environment for Phans around the world to share, express our feelings and gush about Love Never Dies' productions, cast and crew. We can finally say that Love Never Dies News is TEEEEN YEAAAARS OOOOOOLD! (We couldn't help it, those lyrics fit so perfectly! Now we share age with our dearest Gustave).

So this post is a thank you letter. Thank you for walking this ride with us. For the love that you show to the musical every day, to the cast and crew & the Phan community. When we started Love Never Dies News, we were just two sisters who had fallen in love with The Phantom of the Opera and fell in love again with Andrew Lloyd Webber's Love Never Dies. We first heard of Love Never Dies when it was about to premiere in the West End. By the time the musical came out, we had listened, sung our hearts out and not so rhythmically hummed to each song of the show. We wanted to share our love for the show, and gather together everything this musical had to offer. By the time we started this project, we had no idea that the blog would grow and become a community, joining fans together from around the globe.

'Love Never Dies News' was born, grew and we got the chance to meet Phans from around the globe, near and far, to meet, interview and chat with cast and crew members. And for that, we’re forever grateful. Thank you for being part of this journey and supporting the show and its human team, and thank you for supporting us, it means the world.