September 18, 2020

Jonathan Roxmouth releases 'Phantasm', featuring Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies

Jilson Tiu

Phantom of the Opera's World Tour lead Jonathan Roxmouth is about to release 'Phantasm', his latest album featuring music from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera & Love Never Dies.
"Ever since I first donned the mask as The Phantom in the South African revival production of The Phantom of the Opera, I have wanted to record more of the score for posterity. Having been part of the latest successful World Tour again, the idea has resurfaced but with a little extra. In the meantime, there has been a sequel to Phantom: Love Never Dies. Between these two shows, the Phantom saga has been extended with more songs and lush music. Phantom and Love Never Dies are connected in terms of the love affair between the Phantom and Christine. The songs tell their story. The songs are pieces of the puzzle. These songs belong next to each other."

'Phantasm' will feature original South African Christines, Robin Botha and Magdalene Minnaar; original international Christine, Claire Lyon and alternate Christines from Phantom of the Opera's World Tour, Clara Verdier and Caitlin Finnie. The tracklist includes both tracks from Phantom of the Opera and its sequel, Love Never Dies. Arrangements for the 40 piece orchestra are by James Bassingthwaite and Adam Howard.

The album includes these following tracks: The Overture / The Phantom Of The Opera / The Music Of The Night / All I Ask Of You / Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again / The Point of No Return / The Coney Island Waltz / ‘Til I Hear You Sing / Look With Your Heart / Beneath A Moonless Sky / Once Upon Another Time / Love Never Dies / Learn To Be Lonely.

You can pre-order now the full album through Jonathan Roxmouth's site. / Cover picture by Jilson Tiu.