September 08, 2018


Deal the cards! Let them fall! A month ago we started a series of polls to choose Love Never Dies fan favourite musical number. If you're following us on Twitter, you must have seen how your favourites have been heading to the next round over the last month, and today is the day we can finally announce a winner! 

Beneath a Moonless Sky and Till I Hear You Sing made it to the final round, and it has been rather fun to see how both songs made it to the top just to be topped by the other over the last three days. For half the time we had the poll running, both songs were winning 50/50%! And then, the last three days they kept topping one another again. But there can only be one winner! Finally, in the last hour before the poll closed, and just by two votes of difference, Till I Hear You Sing got on the podium as the most beloved song, followed extremely close by Beneath a Moonless Sky.

Thank you to anyone who participated, we know some of you struggled to vote one song over another, but in the end, it's been a fun month altogether, and this week we'll be celebrating through our social media (Twitter and Instagram) with #TIHYSWeek. So follow along to get peeks of every production's rendition of Till I Hear You Sing and walk down the memory lane with us.

For now, enjoy these official music videos of different Love Never Dies productions, starting with the actor who first originated the role in the West End, Ramin Karimloo at the Adelphi Theatre.

One can never have enough music videos of this song, RIGHT? Here's another music video of Ramin performing TIHYS, Phantom clothes on and mask off. 


Ben Lewis' performance was globally recorded for purchase as a musical movie. He originated the role in Australia after the reworked musical premiered at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne in 2011. You can find him now performing as The Phantom in the original Phantom of the Opera production in the West End.

Gardar Thor Cortes played The Phantom in the German production of Love Never Dies at Hamburg's Operettenhaus Theatre in 2015 and then revisited the role in the US Tour this year. He may not be performing anymore in the Tour (the role is now performed by Bronson Norris Murphy), but we'll always have this gem to listen to over and over again!

Follow us to get peeks of these performances as well as other actors from different productions across the world, such as Tam Mutu (who took Karimloo's role in the West End), Thomas Ambt Kofod at the Denmark production at the Det Ny Theatre in 2012, Drew Sarich at the Vienna concerts that were held at the Ronacher Theatre in 2013 and Masachika Ichimura and Takeshi Kaga, who performed The Phantom at the Japanese production at the Nissay Theatre.