March 14, 2016


Photo: Patrick Imhof

We start the year with a new gift for you, Liebe Stirbt Nie celebrated its 100th performance a few weeks ago and Love Never Dies turned SIX years old on March 9th! We had the chance to interview Rachel Anne Moore during Christmas holidays (read here!) and we asked Heidi Karlsson on Valentine's Day for an interview which she kindly agreed to keep growing our community! She's playing Christine's cover in Hamburg and she's also a Swing in the wonderful ensemble.  Read ahead:

Did you already know the musical? Did you see any previous production in London, Australia, Denmark or Vienna?
My first contact with the show was an American colleague and friend asking me 4 years ago if I heard the music from "Love Never Dies". He told me that I had to listen to it and he swore that I would be captured by these beautiful melodies. And he said "Heidi, you have to sing the title song of the show. It would fit you so well". So I watched the Australian version and fell in love with it immediately. I learned the title song and I put it into my audition repertoire.

What do you think, in your opinion, that makes this production unique/different from the others?
Our production has some changes from previous productions. And Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber himself composed and created a whole new number with us, which was very exciting. And it was, of course, a big honor to be able to work with him.

How would you describe your first performance as Christine? 
Being Christine is my first main role on Germany, actually my first big, completely professional musical production ever. My first performance as Christine was about two months earlier than planned! A few days after the premiere Rachel and Jazmin both got sick. So I had to go on as Christine without any rehearsals! Which of course should be almost impossible.

I had two sing throughs of the material in the beginning of the rehearsal period. But I never did the scenes or the staging, never been on the actual stage, never tried the quick costume changes, never rehearsed with all the costumes, I didn't know how it really feels to do the whole show in a tight corset, never tried my wigs or makeup, never sang with the orchestra and so on. So there were a lot of things that I never did before. But luckily I was well prepared myself and I had a wonderful premiere with my lovely colleagues. My mum was, of course, disappointed not to make it in time all the way from Sweden. But some friends were supporting me in the audience. I will always remember that first show, a great story to tell.

Which one was your favorite song to play?
My favorite song to do is probably Liebe Stirbt Nie [Love Never Dies] because of the number's simplicity. It's all about the words and how everything changes because of the song. I also love the moments with Gustave. It's amazing to play with kids, their honesty is lovely.

And your non-Christine favorite scene to watch?
My favorite non-Christine number is absolutely Wo die schöenheit sich verbirgt [Beautiful and The Beauty Underneath]. It's a great number with all the freaks in the towers and I love the song.

What about your favorite dress in the show?
My favorite dress in the show is the peacock dress with the long train. It's so beautiful and detailed. And blue is one of my favorite colors. AND it sparkles! Who doesn't love sparkles.

How it was the experience to be part of a production this big? 
It's a big honor to be a part of this lovely production. We have a fantastic cast and it's a lot of fun to go to work to meet all these great people. And it's really a blessing to sing the songs of Christine!

We’re following you on your social media and we couldn’t help but notice how many different characters you had the chance to play, including Christine. How would you describe your experience and your characters’ change routine? It must be so chaotic!
I'm the cover Christine and at the same time Swing in the ensemble. I have 9 different ensemble parts. So I basically know the whole show, haha! It's a lot of things to keep in your head, but every swing has their own way of doing it. Since I was thrown on as Christine and made it I just know that whatever part I need to do it will be fine! So no stress, just focus and be positive. I love to play the Showgirls, cause I'm also a dancer and it's so much fun to do these numbers. I also love all the costumes!
The difficult thing with being a swing is to go from one part to another in no time. Last week I played a showgirl in the first act and Christine in the second act! And that can be very difficult both vocally to get prepared in short time but also mentally. To be in the story and situation without doing the show from the start. Without Swings no show would work!

Any fun experiences on stage you want to share?   
The absolute funniest moment on stage so far was in the applause after I played Christine with Mathias Edenborn as Phantom. We were about to do our bow together and I somehow stepped on my dress and slipped and fell right down on my knees. I could hear the whole audience gasp and I reacted fast and almost bounced up again. I couldn't stop laughing. (I didn't hurt myself, just blue knees).

If you haven't seen the show, please come and watch it. It's worth it in every way.
Love Never Dies. Happy Valentine.

Thank you so much to Heidi, her kindness, her voice and the great performance she's giving for sure. You can follow her on her  facebook, twitter and instagram to see some Love Never Dies behind the scenes.

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