December 18, 2013


Milica Jovanovic, the actress who played Christine DaaĆ© in the eight Love Never Dies concerts that were celebrated in Vienna between October 18th and 26th  (x), kindly agreed to answer a few questions from us! We highly appreciate her time and her kindness. Here we go with the questions!

Did you already know the musical? Did you see any previous production, in London or Australia?
I knew the musical because I took part in a workshop with Sir Webber when he was finishing his work on Love Never Dies in London. So, I knew how splendid the musical is.

You were the first Christine who sung the lyrics in German, did you base your acting or singing in any of the previous actresses who took the role? If so, was it in Sierra Boggess (London), Anna O'Byrne (Australia) or Louise Fribo (Denmark)?
I tried to develop my own Christine with my own voice. O'Byrne, Bogges and Fribo are great but I had to do it my way.

Which one was your favorite song to play?
Love Never Dies. It is magical.

And your non-Christine favorite scene?
When the Phantom sings "Till I Hear You Sing". That is my favourite song.

How it was the experience to meet Andrew Lloyd Webber?
Awesome. He is my hero, and he was so nice and even bashful. But I was so nervous that I was unable to say a straight sentence. So, please do not ask about our conversation.

Positive experiences with the cast?
It was a privilege to work with this cast. Drew was especially lovely.

If you could be any other character, male or female, which one would you choose to play?
The Phantom, great songs, great act.

Was it a great effort to get into the character of Christine DaaĆ©?

These concerts in Vienna were a big event, how it was the experience?
I think it could have been the best show of my entire career. It was a dream come true.

Do you see yourself playing Christine in the future, maybe in a new German production?
I would love to, of course, but that lies beyond my will.

Towards where will be directed your career now?
Up, I hope. Seriously, we will see. I am glad for every song I am allowed to sing, and I try to give my best in that very moment. Vamos a ver.*

*We'll see!

A huge thank you to Milica and the great concerts she offered to us. We will be waiting for more in the future! 

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