May 16, 2012


Phantom, Bo Kristian Jensen / Tomas Ambt Kofod
Christine, Louise Fribo
Raoul, Christian Berg
Meg Giry, Camille-Cathrine Rommedahl
Madame Giry, Marianne Mortensen
Squelch, Steen Springborg
Gangle, Morten Staugaard

After finishing performances at Sydney and thanks to the good sells the musical had during its run in Australia and the worldwide DVD recording (check here to check when will be out in your country!), Love Never Dies will open a new production! This time the musical will be held in the beautiful city of Copenhague, Denmark. It all started with some rumours here and there, but the official site has come to life and, though there is no official announcement yet, we hope this production will come true! Maybe, in a while, the musical will meet the international spotlight it deserves! So far we know that performances will start this year, on October 24th.